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Gas Hot Water Heater Problems Explained

There are many ways that you can troubleshoot gas hot water heater problems.  Unlike the models that are tankless, the typical gas and electric hot water heater has a storage tank that is insulated.  In most cases, a hot water heater functions well, but you may encounter several problems such as one of the following.  Your heater may not be providing hot water at all. Your water temperature perhaps is not consistent. The water that is heated has a rusty color to it. In some cases, you may have a bad odor such as a smell of rotten eggs. Some people that their hot water heaters emits a high pitched whining sound. Also, there could be water leaking from the bottom of your tank.


Troubleshooting Gas Hot Water Heater Problems

Before you attempt to troubleshoot a gas hot water heater problems, turn off the power at the circuit board or remove the fuse from the fuse box.  Plus, ensure that you shut off the water supply.  IF you no hot water, it could be a faulty gas thermocouple, broken gas pilot, or even a faulty upper electric heating element.

If you are getting inadequate hot water, this is another gas hot water heater problem that can be fixed.  It could just be that your unit is undersized for the size of your household. Or, your dip tube can be faulty will is allowing too much cold water to mix with the hot water.  If while showering, you can only a constant flow of lukewarm water, your upper heating element might be defective and the element will have to be changed.

Rusty Water As One of the Gas Hot Water Heater Problems

If one of your gas hot water heater problems is that of rusted colored water, it could be that there is corrosion occurring within the glass lined tank. Or another reason for discolored hot water is that the anode rod is dissolved into your tank since this rod is designed to dissolve slowly to prevent rusting from happening in the tank of a hot water heater.

If you have on of the gas hot water heater problems which consists of the smell of rotten egg, there could be bacteria in the sediment that  is in the tank that occurs when the anode dissolves. A more common problem that can occur with a gas hot water heater is that the tank will leak. The can be because of tank corrosion and the hot water heater will have to be replaced.


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