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Water Heater Leaking Charlotte

It can be bothersome to mop your floor daily if you find your water heater leaking. Stop this from happening by finding the cause of the leaks immediately.

Your water heater tank is made having an inner tank, insulation in the middle and a painted outer tank. If there are no leaks coming from the pipes and valves, there may be holes in your tank. These holes are most likely the reason why your water heater is leaking from the bottom. Getting help from water heater specialists is a good start. They have enough experience in dealing with water heater leaking repairs than you do.

Leaking can reduce your water heater’s efficiency, resulting in your energy bill to soar. Keep this from happening by stopping the leaks before it occurs. You might want to check different areas where leaks can happen. Performing necessary maintenance also helps in extending your unit’s lifespan.

Check where the leak is coming from.

Cold-water leaks may show a faulty intake valve. Simple replace it to stop your water heater from leaking. In case you keep getting hot-water leaks, you need water heater professionals to solve the problem. Letting them look at your unit will give you an idea if you need a water heater replacement.

Tighten your drain valve.

Leaks coming from the drain valve can be easy to fix. Turn off your gas or power supply first before working with your tank. Check your drain valve if the plug is not tight enough. Leaks will be obvious if you see water around it. Just make sure the drain plug is tightened enough to stop your water heater from leaking. If the leak continues, consult with a specialist.

Release pressure by opening your drain valve.

To ensure your safety, shut your gas or power supply down before releasing pressure. Water supply should also be turned off to prevent water from entering your tank. Now you can release pressure from the tank by opening the drain valve for a few seconds. You should hear the sound of water entering the pipes. Close the drain valve after feeling the pressure and turn your water inlet on. Observe if the drain valve is still leaking.

Replace your drain valve.

If releasing pressure isn’t enough, look at replacing your drain valve immediately. To do this, simply drain your water tank by attaching a hose to the drain valve. Open the valve until no water is left.

Attach the new drain valve to stop your water heater from leaking. Use a Teflon tape and tighten it well. By this time, water leaks should have stopped. If the leak continues, your tank may have rusted completely. Unfortunately, this requires a water heater replacement.

If the problem gets too difficult to deal with, always contact a specialist for help. Leaving it in the hands of a professional will lessen the chances of accidents from happening.

Paying a small price for your family’s safety is definitely worth every penny. A water heater repair Charlotte will help you solve your heater leaking problems. Of course, you can choose a new water heater for your house.

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